Dry Store
Blue Bay Gourmet is an Australian supplier of wholesale dry goods, catering to restaurants and businesses across Northern NSW with a commitment to excellent service and high quality ingredients.
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As wholesale dry goods suppliers, our Dry Store range includes pasta, flour, dried fruit, herbs and spices, nuts, rice, grains, salts, and sugars.

Powdered flour in paper bag with wooden scoop

We stock a number of wholesale flours and baking products; from the standard essentials such as plain, gluten free and self-raising flour, to more specific products including organic spelt, Japanese breadcrumbs and pectin powder.

  • Wheat Flour
  • Organic Flour
  • Italian Flours
  • Chickpea & Potato Starch
  • Nut & Grain Flours

See our full list of products here


We stock an extensive range of ready to cook wholesale pasta, from both local and international suppliers. Our range spans a variety of pasta types, including gluten free.

  • La Molisana
  • Rummo
  • Martelli

See our full list of products here


We have hundreds of bulk herbs and spices, including wild and rare varieties. We stock our herbs and spices in both whole or ground, and some varieties are supplied freeze dried.

  • Native herbs & spices
  • Whole or ground spices
  • Whole or ground dried herbs
  • Whole chillies

See our full list of products here


We stock a range of basic and specialty seeds and nuts, available in a variety of sizes, from 1kg up to 25kg. Our dried fruit range includes in-demand products such as muscatels, pears and goji berries.

  • Whole, halves, pieces
  • Ground nut meals
  • Hemp seeds
  • Seeds for muesli, baking, & snacking
  • Freeze dried fruits

See our full list of products here

Gourmet olive oil, cracked pepper, garlic and rosemary

In addition to bulk cooking oils, we stock specialty oils such as pistachio, walnut, hazelnut, and black and white truffle oil. Our vinegars are available in retail or bulk size and include Lirah and Forum specialities.

  • Range of extra virgin olive oil
  • Nut & truffle oils
  • Asian, cooking & bulk oils
  • Extensive vinegar range
  • Cooking wines

See our full list of products here


Our range of rices, grains and pulses extends from basics such as brown and basmati rice, rolled oats, and semolina to specialty products including carnaroli rice, and spelt grain.

  • Italian, Spanish & Asian rices
  • Quinoa, farro, polenta
  • Range of beans & lentils

See our full list of products here

Gourmet strawberry jam spread on sourdough toast

We supply bulk condiments and spreads, stocking everything from standard spreads such as Vegemite and Nutella to special honey and jam varieties. We also supply Hank’s Jams a gourmet range including fig and ginger, chilli, pear and vanilla.

  • Hank’s Jams
  • Local honey
  • Byron Bay Peanut Butter Co.
  • Quince & truffle pastes
  • Bulk spreads

See our full list of products here


Our range of tinned vegetables and tomatoes spans both local and international varieties and includes products available in both retail and bulk sizes.

  • Australian & Italian tomatoes
  • Fruits for cocktails & cooking
  • Antipasti & vegetables
  • Beans

See our full list of products here


We stock a range of sugar varieties, available for purchase in retail or bulk size, in sticks or liquid form. We stock traditional cooking sugars as well as specialised products such as dark muscovado, coconut, rapadura, and La Perruche sugar.

  • Specialty sugars
  • Liquid sugars

See our full list of products here

Pink himalayan salt

Blue Bay Gourmet is the exclusive and local distributor for Olsson’s Australian salt flakes and varieties. We also stock a range of smoked and flavoured salt varieties. Our salts are available in retail or bulk sizes.

  • Olsson’s Australian salt
  • Pyramid Salt
  • Murray River & Himalayan
  • Truffle, black & smoked varieties

See our full list of products here

Gourmet raspberry tart

We supply an extensive range of savoury and sweet tart shells, cookies, crackers and breadsticks. Gluten free options are available.

  • Byron Bay Cookies
  • Crackers, and Breadsticks
  • Bard’s tart shells savoury & sweet

See our full list of products here

Click on the link below to download a copy of our updated product catalogue.