Blue Bay Gourmet is an Australian smallgood supplier, providing local and imported small goods to restaurants and businesses across Northern NSW with a commitment to excellent service and high quality ingredients.
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We are wholesale smallgoods suppliers with a wide range, including antipasto, charcuterie, cured and smoked fish, relish, dips, olives, and Bangalow sweet pork.

shaved prosciutto with pepper

We supply a wide variety of premium salami & charcuterie wholesale products, from both local and international suppliers.

— La Boqueria Spanish artisan
— Borgo Italian smallgoods
— Local Vecchiet sliced & whole smallgoods
— Bangalow Sweet Pork ham
— Food service bacon & pepperoni

See our full list of products here 


Our range of premium smoked and cured fish includes anchovies, smoked salmon, squid ink, bacalao (salt cod), and roe. We stock international varieties as well as local products.

— Ortiz anchovies & sardines
— Sicilian white anchovies
— Don Bocarte anchovies
— Cuttlefish ink

See our full list of products here


Blue Bay Gourmet stocks a range of local and imported wholesale antipasto products, including artichokes, dolmades, capers, roasted and piquillo peppers. We supply a large range of olive and pickle varieties, including guindillas.

— Capers & onions
— Semi-dried tomatoes & peppers
— Roast eggplant & capsicums
— Extensive range of olives

See our full list of products here

Gourmet pesto with basil olive oil and pine nuts

We supply a range of pestos, relishes and dips, available in 2kg pack sizes. Our range also includes specialty truffle paste, and tapenades. Our tahini is available in an 18kg bulk option.

— Basil pesto
— Tahini & hummus
— Tomato & capsicum tapenade
— Smoked tomato relish
— Preserved lemons

See our full list of products here

Gourmet mustard seeds with garlid

We stock a variety of mustard flavours, including Dijon, seeded and hot English as well as specific varieties such as cognac. Our sauce range includes traditional gourmet sauces, as well as tabasco and pasta sauce and are available in retail or commercial sizes.

— Specialty imported
— Mayonnaise & aioli
— Harissa pastes & horseradishes
— Mexican, Australian & Asian

See our full list of products here

Gourmet green olives

Our extensive range of olives spans traditional varieties and includes gourmet products such as chilli, feta, garlic and anchovy stuffed, as well as smoked and red wine baked. We also distribute a wide range of Mt Zero olives. Our olive varieties are available whole or pitted.

— Mediterranean mixed
— Green Sicilian
— Kalamatas
— Stuffed (anchovy, feta, lemon, garlic)
— Wild Australian

See our full list of products here

Click on the link below to download a copy of our updated product catalogue.